By Brad Runsick


The blues came a callin - last Saturday night, 

While I was sittin in my house all alone 

I should've called my buddy, and gone out for a bite 

But I drank and read your text on my phone 

Next day I woke up, felt my head in a vice 

I lost my wallet,  couldn't find my keys 

I stumbled to the kitchen searchin for some ice 

Why's “stupid” seem so hard to see? 


I've get amnesia baby, when blues are a callin 

I've get amnesia baby, when blues are a callin 

Cause every time you call, I pick up the phone 


I went to your place for Valentine 

Cleaned your house and mowed your lawn 

I lit up some candles and poured the wine 

You said you wouldn't be too long 

But four hours later all the lights had gone out 

And dinner sat there hard and cold 

Can't ever really figure what your story's about 

But life with you is gettin old 


Last week my buddy called asked a favor from me 

He was nuts about this pretty blonde 

But he said he spent the past year with her in lunacy 

How did it last so long 

He said “Neil” if you ever hear me even mention her name 

I couldn’t let him carry on 

But now he’s callin me a little too late 

Asking for a wedding song