Ghost House 

By Brad Runsick 


Tried to trash every memory of you 

months went by and I couldn't choose 

where to start with my heart 

Took your picture from the wall 

Cuz your eyes would always call 

And every start would fall apart 


We weren't new to this rodeo 

We had our bumps from a string of shows 

But down for a go around 

Seems my baggage from the past 

Broke a thread that couldn't last 

Guess love was bound for another town 


I can only hear 

your whispers in my ear 

and craving sighs 

I need some release 

from the memories haunting me 

all through the night 


I'm beggin please wait let's work it out 

thought all was fine then it all went south 

you say it's too late you're moving out 

Here I am alone again

living in this ghost house 


Now I’m back in the dating game 

Been so long all the rules have changed 

Can this Cowboy contend again 

Just a good night kiss from you 

Was all it took to make it through 

Thought we’d last to the end