Don’t Gamble with Love 

Written by Bradley Runsick 


The fellas said to be a man, Play the field and just keep one night stands 

Don't talk too much or stick around too long 

So You took advise from all those crazy guys, Gave every girl your country eyes 

But the games you played left you on your own, Like another country song 


Be a cowboy, let her see your heart boy, Tell her that your in love 

Be a man who a girl can give her hand to, And be certain of 

don't gamble with love 


You had a love, but your cards were played, 

You both lost then she just walked away 

She thought your cards were simply love and truth 

But your hand was filled with girls and lies, Half truths and some alibis 

Thought all was fine if she never knew, But a cowboys love is true


You left a trail of broken hearts, Then lady Luck sends a brand new start 

To get a chance to love without things to hide, Love can't live on a lie