Weekend Celebration 

Written by Bradley Runsick 


Putting gas in the truck and stealin time, I’m gettin out of here 

Think I’m gonna change my luck and feel its time to pack up all my gear 

Get there b’fore they shut the gate, they’ll all be there by the fire 

Damm its great, in my Golden State, I smell the bacon on the fryer 


It’s a weekend celebration and a country BBQ 

Old  friends across the nation and maybe meet somebody new 

Just park your truck in the gopher town ,  The gals and bucks dance all around 

and grab some  sweet apple pie to eat,  and listen to that country beat. 


Rob put together a line-up      for a show of blues and country 

Slap on your leather and sign-up    maybe  ride a bull for money 

Spend the night in a country inn,    layin by the fire 

Makin love like it never ends,      with the one that you desire 


take the 605,  to the 91 one, 

it’s a hell of a drive,  just to have some fun 

then take the 215,  to the 78 

where the air is clean   and the food is great 

The music’s getting louder,  throwing 20’s down on the counter 

The airs got smoke and powder,   at this 3 day Jubilee