Luckiest Man in the World 

By Brad Runsick 


Some say love is just lucky timing 

Takes some years to find that silver lining 

Two jobs two kids a single mother, the life she wanted may never be discovered 

One day she met a man who owned a diner, he helped her put her daily pain behind her 

He said “hello” and asked what she was havin 

She saw his eyes and thought she stepped in heaven


Such a lucky man, if he only knew 

He could be her man, they’d help each other through 

They can’t understand, why life can be so hard 


At that time the man had his own struggles, his 14 years of marriage came unbuckled 

But if that single mother by the window, had him for her man she’ never let go 

He sold the diner and moved out from the city, saw his kids on weekends what a pity 

Tried again and lost with the wrong women, a lasting love he thought, one in a billion 


Years later livin in the same town, both alone still searchin around 

on their laptops, lookin for love 

They got a match so they met for a bite, the rest of the night dreams are made of 


She said I thought of you for years, and your blue eyes so clear 

and long strands of gold 

He said my hair is nearly grey, 

and my eyes are getting weaker by the day . . . . . 

and my heart’s a little cold, my heart’s a little cold 


What a lucky man, (he finally knew) 

He get’s to take her hand (and say “I Do”) 

Now he can understands, why life sometimes is hard 

He’s the Luckiest man in the world