Written by Bradley Runsick 

Puttin on your shoes and fixin your hair, 

Were going to go dance and they’ll all gonna stare 

At the way you look at me and I look at you, 

I’m sure they see what I see in you, you look lovely tonight 


Wake the next day, and still want to play, 

Call in sick we and drive to the lake 

Pack up our gear and all I can hear is my heart racing for you 

and for the moon, to come shining through tonight 


Lay your hair down on me darlin 

We’ll let the night run wild and free 

I’ll tend the flowers in your garden 

Just slip away with me 


You love Indie tunes I love country blues 

We both love the sound of the rain fallin down, 

We go out to run around, as it pound pound pounds 

The sounds of the night 


You like the heater on, I like the AC on 

We both wanna turn each other on all night 

Then you walk across the floor and my eyes obey the sight of you 

closing the door tonight


The smell of pine upon the mountain, lying beneath the Milky Way 

The fire cracked and the big dogs were howlin, we let the night have its way 

Have its way, oh oh oh oh, Have its way, oh oh oh oh, 

Have its way, oh oh oh oh,